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The Rippl - Introduction

23 high quality serviced residences in the heart of Budapest.

Located in an ever-historical, UNESCO World Heritage area, the Rippl from outside is a 19th century palace, from inside is completely redesigned by Italian architect Roberto Forlani, to match all criteria of tomorrow’s value-loving residents. Continue reading

Now completed ! Rental and selling of completed units from today
From now on you will find the sales office in the show apartment within theRippl building in the Rippl Ronnai utca nr 2

The Rippl includes 23 bright, ready to move in homes from 43 to 190,99 sqm, and provides full concierge services, secure parking, a 24-7 guard service, and a fitness area with wellness facilities.

As a developer in Budapest since 1997, Gestim has proven the fact that careful planning and reconstruction with modern technology using the most durable materials available, and in addition offering well-designed services, leads to long-term quality of living in this vibrant city.

We at Gestim always want to be one step ahead of the market to ensure long-term value for money for our clients. The Rippl offers a safe investment opportunity for local and foreign investors. Gestim provides full service property management, and even offers a special option that includes a guaranteed yield. Ask us for more detailed Information!

In the Rippl project, it was our main goal to provide a secure living environment in an old palace with a forward-looking perspective of using sustainable technology to meet tomorrow’s demands of future-orientated clients today.

In honor of the great Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai, whose 150th birthday will be celebrated during 2011, and considering the fact that the estate is located at Rippl Ronnai street 2, we decided to name the project the Rippl – Estate of art.

In choosing this name we want to combine tradition, old Hungarian grandeur and project this emotion into modern day life, redefining the old with tomorrow’s demands of how our clients wish to experience a unique way of living.

We strongly believe that quality and long-term thinking are the only real security there is when it comes to buying a home. A home should be dynastic and available for future generations.

The Rippl at a glance

Located in an ever-historical, UNESCO World Heritage area, the Rippl from outside is a 19th century palace, from inside is completely rebuilt by Italian architect Roberto Forlani, to match all criteria of tomorrow’s value-loving residents.

Top 10 advantages

• advanced safety and security
• sustainability and energy efficiency with household automatisation
• extremely well-connected central location in the heart of the diplomatic quarter
• full concierge services
• Italian design combined with German technology in an old reconstructed palace
• high durability materials and accessories
• floor radiation heating and cooling system
• soundproof and energy-saving floors, doors, windows and walls
• completely rebuilt structure
• unique invetsment and letting potential


Fitness & wellness

Located in the lower lobby, the recreational area features fitness equipment and machines, sauna and wellness and is open 24 hours per day.

Non-stop concierge

the Rippl concierge offers services available normally in hotels, giving the feeling of having one’s own butler. Services range from organising cleaning and laundry to restaurant reservation, or even tickets to the Opera.

Advanced safety and security

Feeling safe is one of the most important and essential demands. The Rippl responds to this through not only the non-stop camera surveillance, but 24-7 guard service as well.

the Rippl has parking places under camera surveillance both outside and inside, and street parking is safe and available night and day due to strong security of the diplomatic neighbourhood.

Green transportation

Our medium-term vision is to provide energy-efficient transport – like electric cars, electric scooters – for residents. Our underground parking will be equipped with electric plugs to charge these vehicles. Each apartment has its own custom-made bicycle.

Public transport

the Rippl is extremely well-located to access every area of the expanding capital: the Millennium underground is a few steps away and connects you to every other metro terminal, trams and buses.


the Rippl has a surrounding decorative garden that is carefully maintained throughout the year and changes according to the season.

Full maintenance service

Regular maintenance is guaranteed for residents. Any other wishes will be fulfilled by the concierge of  the Rippl.

The Apartments

Main Features

Your residence, ready to move in.
- integrated telecommunication system
- broadband television and WIFI
- domotics
- in-floor heating and cooling
- eco-conscious Italian design combined with German technology
- individual consumption meters
- water softener
- cost-effective engineering
- remote controlled blackout curtains
- sound- and heatproof isolation in structure (walls and floors)
- breathing, oil-finished natural oak floor
- invisible, silent climate system
- high durability and long-life built-in materials
- high efficiency doors and windows

About Gestim

The RIPPL is GESTIM Group´s unique commercial / residential development in the heart of Budapest, on the elegant Rippl Ronai utca corner Benczur utca which is parallel to the Andrassy Avenue Budapests Champs-Elysées. The RIPPL radiates an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury in the centre of the downtown Budapest.

Founded in 1997, Gestim offers more than 14 years of experience and knowledge of real estate-related investments in the full range of services available to clients.

The personalized services include advice on the selection of real estate, financial consulting and return on investment planning, legal advice, as well as real estate management – hiring, management and sales. The aim is to guarantee customers the best possible result for all phases of real estate investments, to assure long-term crisis resistant returns on investment.

Through constant personal contact with the investors and owners, as well as the tenants, Gestim monitors and continuously maintains the property and organises necessary renovation and home furnishings.

The investor has engaged exclusively Havasi Law Firm (Havasi Ügyvédi Iroda – 9022 Gyõr, Kiss János u. 7/A. with all legal matters related to the The Rippl Project including drawing up the sale and purchase agreement.